Our Mission:

Founded in March 2013 by Anabel Anderson, Snugs Concert Series is dedicated to the presentation of creative new music in New York. The music at Snugs is experimental in its nature and runs the range from jazz to free improv, noise, and contemporary classical. Concerts are carefully curated to include a diverse group of musicians from internationally acclaimed masters of creative music to young and emerging artists. All of our artists are compensated fairly and unconditionally. At Snugs, community and mutual respect between artist and audience are foremost.


Our Vision:

As drummer Jim Black once aptly described it to me: the common quality in the music we present is heaviness. heavy in the sense of having great weight and density. heavy as in substantial or hard to bear. It’s not necessarily serious, but it’s never frivolous.

This kind of music is demanding of its listeners, and the experience of listening can be a profoundly alienating one. The music is thick with potential meaning. Each sound reveals its richness only as it travels through you and the reservoir of your knowledge and memory. The artist producing the sound has a parallel experience.

This music will break your heart and it will make you happy. It will satisfy, frustrate, and surprise you. You will feel humbled, uncomfortable, enraged.

Above all, the music reminds you that you are alone in your body and experiences. And, dancing on the edge of an incredible solitude, it affirms that everyone is alone, just like you.

It is through this process of estrangement and reunion that we grow. We learn to bear what originally felt unbearable. We emerge on the other side of our collective experience able to reveal to one another the radiance of our discoveries. We can oscillate freely between the highly personal and individual and the universal. We understand. We are strong. Now we are a community of listeners.

All of this requires brave individuals, willing to open themselves to the unknown. But it also requires a welcoming and supportive space in which we are safe to experience, feel, and listen. Snugs provides that space: a comfortable and cozy place where acceptance and reciprocity are practiced. Here, we exercise our inalienable right to be ourselves and allow others to do the same.

For more information, please write us at snugsconcertseries@gmail.com.


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